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Review us on iTunes and win a cool t-shirt!

The first 20 listeners to direct us to their iTunes review will win a Witch Hunt Podcast shirt – just like models Alyssa and Ryan are wearing in front of Salem’s famed House of the Seven Gables.

How to Review us on your iPad or iPhone

How to Review us on your PC or Mac

  1. Launch Apple’s Podcast app.

  2. Tap the Search tab.

  3. Enter the name of the podcast you want to rate or review.

  4. Tap the blue Search key at the bottom right.

  5. Tap the album art for the podcast.

  6. Tap the Reviews tab.

  7. Tap Write a Review at the bottom.

  8. Enter your iTunes password to login.

  9. Tap the Stars to leave a rating.

  10. Enter title text and content to leave a review.

  11. Tap Send.

  1. Open iTunes.

  2. If you’re not signed in, sign in with your Apple ID.

  3. Click iTunes Store.

  4. Find the item that you want to review, then click Ratings and Reviews.

  5. Under Customer Reviews, click Write a Review.

  6. Enter a title, select a star rating, write your review, then click Submit

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